What does UIS stand for?

UIS stands for Unison International School. Unison International School is private, co-educational, English medium, highly progressive school.

When did the UNISON EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION movements begin, where are all the schools located?

Unison Educational Institutions launched their first institute in 2008 in Pinjore. However, the Unison Kinderworld School started in 2016.

The School branch is located in Pinjore.

Are the various branches on franchise model?

No they don’t work on Franchise system.

What is the process of getting admission into UIS?

Students seeking admission in any class at Unison International School can enquire on telephone no. +91 708 2427 000, +91 708 2627 000 or through e-mail info@unisonedu.in or visit the school.

Also, they can fill the registration form by paying the requisite fee via Net Banking / Credit or Debit card through a secured payment gateway.

Which Board is UKW/UIS affiliated to?

UKW/UIS are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

What is the selection criterion for admission in UIS?

For Early Years the selection criteria is based on age eligibility and readiness of the child for the class applied for.

Selection of students for Grade I onwards is based on written test, previous school result and age criteria.

What is the age criterion for admission?

Age Criteria for admission in UIS is as follows, (the cut-off date is 31st of March)

*Age flexibility by 1-2 months is considered depending on the general readiness of the child for the class applied for and availability of seats.

  • Nursery :    3 years +
  • K.G :    4 years +
  • K.G :    5 years +
  • First :    6 years +
  • Second :    7 years +
  • Third :    8 years +
  • Fourth :    9 years +
  • Fifth :    10 years +

What are the documents required at the time of admission for UIS?

Documents required at the time of admission for UIS

  • 2 passport sizes colored photographs of student.
  • 1 passport size photograph of each parent.
  • Address proof (photocopy of the Aadhar card/ Electricity bill)
  • Photocopy of Assessment report card of last year (previous school), where applicable.
  • Photocopy of birth certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate, where applicable.
    • Admission shall be provisional till all documents are submitted at school office and are found in order.
    • The student/parent shall be liable for any wrong information leading to the cancellation of admission. All fee/dues paid shall be forfeited

What is the mode of fee payment?

The mode of Monthly Tuition Fee is through School Payment Gateway.

Are teachers hired by UIS trained and qualified for the job?

Yes, the Teachers appointed by UIS are experienced, professionally qualified and passionate towards their work. Regular workshops and in-service training is arranged for the faculty.

What is the student teacher ratio?

The basis of quality at UKW/UIS is the comfortable teacher student ratio.

  • Early Years –   1 : 20
  • Grades I-V –    1:25

What are the timings of the school?

For Pre-Primary (Pre Nursery – UKG)

Summer Timings
09:15 AM – 12:25 PM

Winter Timings
8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

For Primary (Grade I – VIII)

Summer Timings
7:45 AM – 1:45 PM

Winter Timings
8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Is the school co-educational?

Yes, it is co-educational English medium progressive school.

What is the process of evaluating the academic performance of the School?

No formal examination for Early Years .

  • Continuous monitoring of the learning as per the learning outcomes and descriptive individualized reports for Early Years to Grade VIII.
  • Two Periodic Assessment test for Grade I – VIII.
  • Two Terminal Exams for Grade I – VIII.
  • Demonstration Program one in September and one in March from Nursery to Grade – VIII for holistic development.

Do the children go for Inter School Competitions?

Yes, the children actively participate in Inter School Competitions. UIS has hosted an Inter School Quiz Competition where top regional schools participated actively.

How many food breaks are there?

One Fruit Break and One Lunch break for students in all grades. Breakfast and lunch is a sumptuous combination of 100% nutritious food (fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, pulses and grains). Weekly menu is shared with the Parents. Friday menu is shared with the Parents.

Do you have separate washrooms for staff and children?

Yes, the school has separate washrooms for staff and children.

Are students allowed to carry mobile phones and other electronic devices?

No, the school does not allow the students to carry mobiles phones and other electronic gadgets.

What are the medical facilities available in the school for any medical emergency?

Security, health and wellness concerns of the students are the top most priority of the school. The school has proper infirmary well equipped with the first aid and medical facilities.

Do you organize any Edu-trips or fun excursions for students?

Yes, School plans for a yearly fun excursion. Students are taken for regular educational visits (Post Office, Railway station, Traffic Park and Museums etc.) to give them practical knowledge promoting personal, social and emotional development.

Why UIS?

We have robust foundational learning that caters

  • Developing Curiosity.
  • Logical Thinking & problem solving.
  • Creative and Expressive learning.
  • Provides practical and experimental learning.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning.
  • Holistic Development.
  • Listening and speaking skills.
  • Helps in formation of positive attitude.
  • Team Work and Collaborative Learning.

How does the school share news and information with parents?

Unison has moved towards paperless communication. The school has implemented UNISON App (Online communication system) allowing the school and staff to easily connect and communicate with the parents.

School Website and social media are also some forms of communication that the school uses. Regular circulars through UNISON App are also sent to Parents to keep them updated with the activities at schools.

Do you encourage parents to participate in school functions and activities?

Yes, we do encourage the parents to actively get involved in the school functions, celebrations and various activities like Carnivals, Exhibitions and Fairs, Orientation Programs and Demonstrations for every single class.

  • We also welcome Parents, grandparents on Special days like grandparents day, Father’s day, Mother’s Day etc.

How often do you have Parent Facilitator’s Meeting? (PFM)

The school strongly believes in the active participation of parents in the learning of their children. The three main stakeholders the school, the student and the parents have to be involved to better facilitate the growth and development of children.

PFMs are organized every alternate month for all classes. However, for early years, Parents can meet teachers more often if required after prior appointment with the teachers. Teachers and parents can get in touch with each other through telephone, almanac and UNISON App as well.

What are the teaching and learning methodologies adopted by the school?

Teachers are capable of using multiple styles of teaching as per the learning styles of students.

  • Teaching with resources: Teachers are encouraged to create their own resources in the form of presentations, making it a part of smart learning of students and the teacher is accessible to each child as teacher – student ratio is low.
  • Hands-on-experiences: In order to stimulate and encourage ‘good work’, students are given hands-on-experiences. Critical thinking is encouraged through various thinking skill activities.
  • Smart Way of Learning:
    • The school has adopted a good comprehensive technology providing teaching solution with best teaching resources.
    • The smart class program really helps the students to groom and acquire faster and better understanding of the topics taught.

What are your initiatives for social Outreach?

We conduct many community outreach programs, where the students look beyond themselves and experience the joy of sharing, caring and also learn to serve their society. Students undertake visits to orphanages, slum areas and old age homes.

Cleanliness drives, awareness rallies against pollution, eco-friendly Holi, Nukkad Natak, role plays are a few of our other initiatives taken by the school to inculcate the sense of responsibilities in the students.