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The worldwide school closures led to losses in learning that will not simply be made up for even if schools quickly return to their earlier performance levels. These losses will have lasting economic impacts both on the affected students and on each nation unless they are effectively amended. According to the report of the Council for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Harvard University, the closure of schools in classes one to 12 could reduce the lifetime income of these children by three to 5.6 percent.

Talking about the loss to the entire country, the GDP of developing countries like India may fall by an additional 1.5 percent. If these schools are not opened immediately, the loss will be much greater.

We, at Unison Kinderworld School, one among the best CBSE schools in Pinjore, believe that a multi-pronged strategy is necessary to manage the crisis and build a resilient Indian education system in the long term.

Effect of COVID will be seen for a long time

In India too, the effect of COVID will not be one to two years but will be longer. Central Square Foundation Managing Director Shweta Sharma Kukreja says that there is an academic disadvantage of children because if children come to school after a long time, they will find it difficult to reconnect with teaching. In such a situation, the educational activity of children can be brought to a normal level by making a one-two-year long strategy.

An economy runs around schooling

Not only at the level of children, but there is also an economy around full schooling. Things like children’s transportation system, sports and other events in school, better spending of teachers than their salary further boost the economy.

In this time of crisis, a well-balanced and effective educational method is what is needed. It will develop abilities that will drive their employability, productivity, health, and ensure the overall progress of India.

Recognized as one of the top CBSE prep school in Pinjore, we, at Unison Kinderworld have incorporated a unique pedagogy to give the best nudge to the all-round development and personality grooming of our students.

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