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If there’s one thing that most parents have in common, it is the feeling of care that they hold towards their children. However, in the quest of caring for the kids, it so happens at times that the caring attitude of parents turns into over caring, shadowing the children every time, everywhere. But just as plants need exposure to sunlight to grow, even children fail to grow to their fullest potential if the parents always shadow them. Children need a gentle nudge and encouragement from the parents, but since it is them who have to travel the path, they must learn to manage their own time, and particularly learning, independently. It is necessary to instill in them age-appropriate life skills that aid their transformation into self-sufficient individuals.

Unison Kinderworld School, one of the best CBSE prep school in Pinjore enlists some of the tips on how to raise children into self-learners.

Make them adopt the habit of reading

Reading, as many say, is not just a habit that improves vocabulary and literacy skills; but it aids in improving the overall cognitive development in children. When you develop in your child the love for reading, you enhance their tendency of learning. The more the children find it easier to read and understand the better they become at self-learning. This is because reading trains the brain to process much more fluently, which thereby aids in improving the ability to learn.

Focus on learning, not the performance

Even though academic performance and learning outcomes are important, putting the focus on the overall learning experience benefits a lot.

Foster creativity

While spending time with your children is necessary, it is equally important to provide them with their own space to bloom. Let them put their fabulous imaginations to use. Allow them to have their independent playtime where they think, create, and entertain themselves, all by their own. It will help them to revamp their brain and come up with their novel ideas.

Studies have revealed that self-learners are capable of building life skills and cognitive skills much more effectively. It helps them to adapt to changes, tune out distractions, concentrate better, and retrieve learned concepts more efficiently to apply in real-life situations.

Recognized as one of the top CBSE schools in Pinjore, we, at Unison Kinderworld have incorporated a unique pedagogy and international standard approaches to our teaching-learning process, giving the best nudge to the all-round development and personality grooming of our students.

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