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Integration of technology is the use of technology in general education in order to allow students to apply technology skills in learning and problem solving. It enhances and improves educational environment. Technology integration give students opportunities to complete their homework and assignments on computer or laptop rather than with paper and pen. With everything going digital these days, integration of technology in teaching is the need of the hour. We the best school in Pinjore have given below some benefits of integration of technology in teaching:

Learning is Easy and Fun

Sometimes, it is difficult for children to understand a concept through theoretical method. A presentation on projector with its audio-visual help students to get better understanding of the concept. They learn to apply their knowledge in practice. Learning through projector is not only easy, but also, fun.


Learning through laptops and tablets is eco-friendly. Trees need to be cut to make books and notebooks. You can save plenty of trees by shifting to digital notebooks.

Distance-Learning Becomes Accessible

Technology makes digital learning accessible. Virtual lessons help students learn according to their convenience. A session can be conducted on video Call where students can clear their doubts and discuss with the teacher.

Access to Information Anytime, Anywhere

Students can access and revise your lecture while travelling or at home. Unlike conventional teaching that requires one to remain in a specific environment to ensure learning.

Personalized Progress Card

Technology helps you keep record of your progress. It provides various tools which helps school maintain record of every student without maintaining a separate diary. Students get personalized analysis of their scores and tips to improve them.

These days kids spend a lot of time with their tablets and smart phones. Why not utilize this trend to bring out the potential that lies hidden in them? Through integration of technology in education children can spend time with their phones and laptops and do something productive as well. Unison International, one of the top CBSE schools in Pinjore truly believes in the integration of technology in education.

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