A child’s education goes far beyond the traditional aesthetics of teaching and learning. It is only complete when it addresses the holistic needs of a child. Unison is inclined at creating responsible global citizens and lifelong learners.


Dance is the language of the soul. We impart flexibility, strength, and endurance in our students, to express themselves better. The curriculum includes composition and analysis of World dance studies & performance.

Pinjore Schools
Pinjore Schools


Introducing the wider forms of music, this programme caters to aspects of music like composition, performance, and critical analysis.

Creative Writing & Public Speaking

Opportunities for creative writing and taking part in Debates, Recitation and Declamations, to improve rhetorical skills and eloquence in public speaking are provided.

Pinjore Schools
Pinjore Schools

Clubs & Societies

The various clubs and societies like Nature Club, Dramatics Club, Adventure Club, Computer Club, G.K. Club, Publication Society, Literary Club, and Fine Art Club help develop an interest in various areas.

Life Skill Programme

Through Life Skill Programme, we groom our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Every child is taught to set trends through life skills like Public speaking skills.

The confident faces flaunting in the spotlight reveal the success of our character-building activities.

The enthusiasm that abounds the children is felt as they interact with teachers and staff, learning at every step of their academic development.

Pinjore Schools
Pinjore Schools

Visual Arts

Through Arts, we amplify imagination and liberate the creative energy in each child. They are timely presented with a chance to showcase their abilities and unlock their hidden talents.

Visual Arts includes:

  • Theoretical practice
  • Art-making practice
  • Curatorial practice

Speech and Drama (Theatre)

While focusing on speech and drama, we celebrate the art of expression of human emotions through the theatre programme.

  • Creating theatre based on its rich history
  • Working with play texts
  • Examining world theatre traditions
  • Collaboratively creating original theatre
Pinjore Schools