The House system is a traditional feature of schools. The schools are divided into subunits called “HOUSES”, where the students are allocated to on house. These houses compete with one another in various school activities, focusing for group loyalty.

To inspire a healthy sense of competition students of’ UIS ‘ have been allocated one of the four houses symbolizing the values of the school.

This develops the sense of belonging & feeling of unity in being a part of a specific house.

The four houses are named as:-

a) Tellus – Yellow House

b) Aqua – Blue House

c) Ignis – Red House

d) Ventus – Green House

Each house is led by the House-Mistress for a year, to guide the students in all fronts and victory as well in all events. Participating in various activities brings the house honor and gives the students a sense of pride.

Be it a debate, quiz, sports, etc. students through the guidance of the house- mistress( teacher) try to give their best to win laurels and house points.

Tellus: Yellow House

Referring as the whole world is one family, the students of this house truly stand out of having faith in one another. Yellow being the color of the sun, they are the shining examples having in them a never giving up attitude.

Aqua: Blue House

The students of this house are for their stability, symbolizing the color blue. Their great asset is satisfaction. Unlike water, the students of this house possess immense vitality.

Ignis: Red House

Red is the symbol of love, courage, sacrifice and brilliance. The students of this house stand strong all the time. They are the Jack’s of all trades performing their best as a team even in adversities living up to their motto.

Ventus: Green House

Green color indicates fertility & life and so is the name of the house. The students of this house truly justify the name as they are always ready rearing to go on and achieve always keeping in mind their goal.