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You must have probably heard the term ‘motor skills’ and particularly the ‘gross motor skills’ and the ‘fine motor skills’ a lot. So, what are these skills all about? Are they important for a child’s growth? If yes, how can these skills be developed in children? Can this be done via their everyday activities?

Many of such questions must be popping up in your mindset at the moment. Being one of the best schools in Pinjore, help you understand all that you need to know about these gross motor skills and what can be done to develop them in your children.

What are Gross Motor Skills?

In general, a motor skill is simply an action or movement that a person does, using his/her muscles. There are two types of motor skills – Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills. While Fine Motor Skills involve smaller movements like that of the fingers and wrists, Gross Motor Skills involve movements of larger muscles like arms, legs, and torso to perform actions like running, jumping, crawling, and swimming. Generally, the term gross motor skills refer to the abilities of a child to control larger muscles of his/her body through physical activities like walking, running, skipping, and more.

Why is Gross Motor Skills Important?

Gross Motor Skills constitute one of the most important aspects of a child’s healthy growth and development. Developing these skills at the right age helps the child gain strength and confidence in his/her abilities to perform complex physical activities. Moreover, having strong gross motor skills helps to enhance the core strength of the body muscles and provides great body and trunk stability. It also improves attention and alertness levels in children and helps them readily respond to their surroundings. It is important that the skills be worked upon right from an early age.

We, at Unison International School, one of the top CBSE schools in Pinjore, understand the importance that motor skills hold for the healthy development of a child and hence keep our students engaged in many sporting and other physical activities that are directed towards the development of the essential gross motor skills in children.

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