We at Unison believe in nurturing the idea of school being the ‘Second Home’ to our young students. A child ends up spending maximum time at school and thus, it is essential to provide them with a spacious and comfortable environment.

We aim at giving an enriching classroom experience to our children with our world-class infrastructure.

Our Smart-labs, Science labs, Robotics labs are well-equipped with modern infrastructure which enable every child to improve academic performance and learn through hands-on experience.

Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore


We have digitized classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards that are used for teaching and involve students to learn with technology.

Music Rooms

We have fully equipped sound-treated music rooms decked up with a variety of musical instruments, to express and enhance students’ expertise.

Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore
Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore


To help them with their fine motor development, we have a spacious playground that is perpetually abuzz with a plethora of games and sports activities.

Science Labs

We have well-equipped and sophisticated laboratories for imparting practical knowledge to enhance their innovative and scientific skills.

Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore
Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore

Computer Labs

We have well-designed computer labs equipped with the latest generation of computers with high-speed internet to enhance the quality, clarity, and accessibility of academic information.

Library cum Resource Centre

The serene ambiance inspires a love for reading. There is a well-equipped library with an extensive range of books that provides a myriad of knowledge.

Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore
Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore

Multi-purpose Auditorium

We have the Multimedia Centre to spark the imagination and creativity of the students and is used by theatre groups for formal/informal stage performances, slide shows, or video projections.

Seminar Hall

An architect’s delight, the seminar hall equipped with the latest technology is used for the principal- parent meetings, staff meetings, knowledge sharing sessions, etc.

Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore
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Manch is our OAT (Open Air Theatre) used for the formal/informal performances by students or various inter/intra-school competitions, entertainment, performance, and sports.

Thinking Room

The thinking room gives scope for critical, creative, societal, and reflective thinking in students. It ensures that students apply to learn across different contexts.

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Best CBSE Prep School in Pinjore

AV Room

An Audio-Visual Room, with the latest state-of-art technology, uses it as a medium to show various value-based video conferencing, watching movies, and documentaries.

Unison Sports Academy

Sports form an internal part of the school curriculum with facilities for basketball. Football, yoga, taekwondo, cricket, badminton, table-tennis, athletics, and chess. With a world-class swimming pool, splash pool & sand play students are provided opportunities to build physical stamina. Through our sports programs, and our students learn the valuable lessons of team- spirit, leadership, fair-play, self-regulation, and discipline in the social context.

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