The Unison curriculum is an amalgam of all the possible successful approaches including traditional and new age learning methods. The curriculum is evolving and progressive.

The curriculum model of school represents the commitment to optimize teaching and learning, as well as the holistic development of a child. Our curriculum in terms of both content and methodology is designed to meet the high learning standards of the 21st century. To develop a love of learning in children for life-long effects, we offer a broad curriculum including a wide range of extra-curricular activities besides academics. We nurture children to be confident, self-sufficient and have an independent thought process.


  • Child-centered education and Teaching.
  • Effective Teaching Strategies.
  • Experiential Learning.
  • Holistic Assessment and Evaluation
  • Computing and Technology
  • Character Education, Leadership and Team Building
Pinjore Schools
Pinjore Schools


  • We have themed based smart classrooms to help teachers in delivering the concept better, and produce more meaningful learning.
  • Group Learning: Students work in groups on carefully designed guided inquiry questions.
  • Role Plays: Role Plays are an effective method of getting the message across. Students take on the roles of some phenomena, such as part of an ecosystem, to demonstrate the lesson in an interesting and immediate manner.
  • Projects and Models: Models and projects are used as demonstrative tools to explain a particular concept.
  • Comprehensive and Continuous Assessment: Provides educators with a better understanding of what students are learning and engages students more deeply in the process of learning.


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The School organizes several parents in partnership programs, which facilitate the parents to engage and understand child’s behavior in relation to the class environment and various relevant topics like-positive parenting, including importance of education in children, effective communication and understanding adolescences etc.

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