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With COVID-19 causing widespread school closures, children across the country are being given alternate resources, some online, to study outside of the classroom. Temporary solutions being devised for remote education range from online classroom tools like Google Classroom, to Zoom and podcasts by teachers. While parents are adjusting to this new scenario, during this time it’s also important to help kids stay focused on learning and avoid overuse of games, social media, and videos.

With that in mind, Unison Kinderworld School, best play school in Pinjore, has put together few tips for families as they adjust to the new reality of learning at home.

Digital Quarantine

Consider limiting your children’s cell phones and tablets until their schoolwork is done satisfactorily so that it can receive their undivided attention. Apps, games, and messaging features are fun, but they can also prove distracting.

Make Space for Learning

Your children will achieve their best work in a quiet, comfortable, and dedicated space devoted to learning. Ideally, this will be a different set-up than where they normally play games or watch television. Keep in mind that children will be in this space for many hours each day, and parents should watch out for any orthopedic issues that may arise related to comfort and posture.

Digital Recess

Make sure that your children take plenty of breaks in order to get time for physical activity and time away from screens. Set alarms similar to those they would encounter at school and encourage them to get up, get some fresh air, or have a snack so that they are not sedentary for the entire day.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Plan off-screen activities for the whole family. Between school and work obligations, it’s rare for parents and children to have this much time together, so turn it into an opportunity for bonding. Write predictions for a TV show that the whole family watches.

Without a doubt, this is a challenging time for parents, teachers, and children alike. Unison Kinderworld School, CBSE Prep School in Pinjore, encourages parents to give extra love and attention to their kids during the COVID-19 outbreak.