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It is a common thing to feel overwhelmed during stressful times, especially when it comes to a pandemic, but taking care of people younger than us is the duty of every person out there. It might be hard for the parents and caretakers when the kids or teenagers drive them crazy. But do not worry; Unison Kinderworld, which is the best school in Pinjore, has got you covered with these four tips that would help you in dealing positively with kids during COVID-19.

Model the Behavior you want to see

Make use of positive words like “Please” and “Thank You” while interacting with others. Children copy what and how of the communication style of the elders. Do not yell or shout at them; it will make it even worse as it makes them even more stressed and angrier. Speak calmly and get your child’s attention by calling their name.

Praise when they Behave Well

Praise your child or teenager for something they do well. By praising for the right efforts, your child may not show it, but they will do or behave similarly like earlier. Also, it reassures them that you care.

Help them in Connecting

Teens especially need to connect with their friends. Help them in connecting through social media and other safe distancing ways such as video calling through Skype, or Facetime.

Be Realistic

It is difficult for a child to remain quiet inside for the whole day. You need to be a bit realistic if you are asking them to do the same. If you are on a call, asking your child to keep quiet for 15 minutes can be an understandable matter.

CBSE prep school in Pinjore, Unison Kinderworld encourages all the parents to be optimistic and deal positively with their child in these hard times of COVID-19.


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