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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) shook the whole world in a few months. Many lives have been ripped by this disease and have changed the course of around 198 countries across the globe. For those people living in low-income or crowded households, they are facing the hardest challenges at this time. Parents and caregivers are working remotely or unable to work with no clarity on how long the situations will last.

But these times of hardship also allow the creative opportunities to build stronger relationships with our kids, children and adolescents. Many parents are facing the challenge of how to explain the coronavirus pandemic to their children which is aligned to the uncertainty over how long the school closures will last. The way the message is conveyed to the children by the parents is going to matter a lot. If you as a parent will be anxious, scared or worried, then that’s what your child is going to pick up. Unison Kinderworld School, best play school in Pinjore, urges parents and caregivers to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your children.

Secondly, try to be direct, honest and brief your children about the pandemic but don’t overload with information or bring up issues that they don’t ask about. If children exhibit stress or becomes anxious about the virus, try to gauge by asking them questions related to what they know and understand. Acknowledge their worries and try to give kids the sense that sudden changes like school closures or lockdowns are designed to keep everyone safe.

Making a good plan and routine for your children can be beneficial as it helps in reducing conflict for school-age kids and it’s easier to get buy-in from kids to do worksheet or reading or writing if they know what to expect rather than surprising them with a request to study while they settled for watching TV or playing a video game.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, and it is the moral responsibility and duty of every parent to take care of their children with the best of their knowledge and love. Unison Kinderworld School, CBSE Prep School in Pinjore, encourages parents to give extra love and attention to their kids during COVID-19 outbreak.