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About Us

To develop the young minds and harmoniously help them, for an all round development, the region demanded high-quality education and a creative environment to prosper. With that vision in mind, our pre-school Unison Kinderworld was established in 2016 by its founder Mrs. Aarti Arora. We have always valued forming strong relationships with our students to create the best learning environment for them. A Preschool where we nurture our buds to bloom, inculcating in them good habits. We have beautifully integrated sports within the curriculum to enable students to develop in fine motor skills, a love for learning, and build in social skills.

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Digital Technology Changing the Face of Education

In the advanced age, technology has invaded every nook and corner of individual life. The technological progression has remained unparalleled in the last few decades and has its…

How COVID-19 has Impacted the Future of Education

The worldwide school closures led to losses in learning that will not simply be made up for even if schools quickly return to their earlier performance levels. These…

Raise Your Child as a Self-Learner

If there’s one thing that most parents have in common, it is the feeling of care that they hold towards their children. However, in the quest of caring…

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